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Gun Tag® Reader

Gun Tag® Reader

Guntag® - 1 Tag Kit

Gun Tag® - 1 Tag Kit

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Guntag® - 1 Tag Kit
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Trovan RFID Technology is ideally suited to weapons ID so therefore Trovan Ltd recognises the potential benefit of Guntag® and fully supports the product both in the UK and the wider Global market

Download the full Trovan RFID Technology statement Here

Download the Guntag Fitting Instructions Here

Gun Tag® - 1 Tag Kit

Electronic serial number marking for security and self registration.

Gun Tag® is based on the patented Trovan "Grain of rice" electronic tag.

Two simple steps to total security:

1)      Simply install the tiny tag containing sophisticated electronics in your gun, or accessory.

2)      Register your details, tag ID and item information on the industry leading Immobilise database via the internet.

Trovan technology has been in use for many years in Caravans, dogs and cats, is industry proven, and recognised by ALL Police forces in the UK as a theft deterrent, and method of recovering stolen items.

The tag is maintenance free, contains no batteries and is undetectable by anything other than a Gun Tag® reader.

Following recent Scottish legislation requiring ALL air rifles and pistols to be registered to an individual with a Police firearms license, many gun shops and suppliers have ceased trading and supply, transfer and use of air guns is heavily restricted. By fitting Gun Tag® and self registering your gun on the Police accessible database, this may prevent future legislation and restriction for English and Welsh shooters.

Guntag® Also provides proof of ownership, deters theft, and can be used with a club reader to book in for use at the gun club or range.

The recommended method of installing Guntag is to remove the action from the stock, and embed the tag by drilling a 3mm hole x 10mm deep, dropping the tag into the hole, and using the drill swarf mixed with epoxy resin or a small dot of superglue to seal the hole.

Please Note: Guntag® recommend fitting by a registered gunsmith.

Guntag® is easily read through the stock by using the Gun Tag / Trovan reader.

Guntag® can also be fitted in, or on accessories, sown into expensive clothing, gun slips, and registered on your immobilise account.

In the event of theft or loss, contact Immobilise via the internet or teleohone, and the item is instantly alerted as stolen or lost to all Police forces in the UK.

Electronic maintenance free radio tagging for firearms, Air rifles and pistols.

All details held on the secure Police accessible immobilise database.

Made in the UK and sold by Pellet Perfect.

Readable by ALL UK Police Forces

Statement extract from Trovan Ltd - read more in the Trovan PDF

"Trovan RFID Technology is ideally suited to weapons ID so therefore Trovan Ltd recognises the potential benefit of  Guntag® and fully supports the product both in the UK and the wider Global market"

Coming soon

Guntag® range software

The Guntag® range software is a system designed to read the Guntag® serial number and automatically print the required range form ready for signing by the user – easy hands free proof of use ready for Police and home office inspection.


How does it work

Each Guntag® contains a radio transmitter, radio receiver, microprocessor and an antenna, all enclosed in a hermetically sealed encapsulation approximately the size of a grain of rice. There is no battery in the tag, and the device is maintenance free, never wears out and as long as the encapsulation is intact, will read indefinitely.

Each tag has a factory programmed guaranteed unique serial number that cannot be cloned, copied or manipulated in any way guaranteeing security for the user.

The Guntag® reader, when activated emits a very low power radio signal – Approximately 1/250th of the energy of a mobile phone. When within 100mm/6” of the Guntag®, the tag collects the energy, powers the microprocessor, and transmits the serial number back the reader. The tag then becomes dormant again, waiting for the next wake up signal from the reader.

The maximum read range is approximately 100mm – 6”

The tag does not transmit location or movement information, cannot be tracked by satellite, and contains only a unique serial number.

No user information is written to the tag.

Supplied in the UK and Internationally by PelletPerfect™

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