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SUSSEX SABO .22 (Collector pack of 5)

SUSSEX SABO .22 Pack of 5 pellets and 5 sabots

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SUSSEX SABO .22 (Collector pack of 5)

SUSSEX SABO .22 Pack of 5 pellets and 5 sabots

A Blast from the past! We have managed to get hold of a few boxes of the unique, two part Sussex Sabo pellet from the mid '80s

The sabo takes its name from the military sabot rounds developed in the 1960's.

The concept is simple, send a small diameter projectile down a bigger bore barrel, this increases speed, range and knock down energy.

Sussex developed a plastic sabo, or pellet sheath, which is the same diameter as a .22 barrel, the solid copper 4.0mm projectile is loaded inside the sabo (carrier) and loaded into the breech.

When the round is fired, sabo and pellet leave the barrel, the sabo petals then open, and the sabo falls away leaving the fast, small diameter projectile traveling towards the target.

We used them to great effect in the 80's in break barrel springers (HW35, HW80) for rabbiting trips.

Please see the linked images for copys of the original sales literature.

We have limited supplies of these two part pellets (they have not been made for over 30 years!).

If you want to re-live the 80's, packs of 5 available now.

Specialist dome head solid copper pellet (4.0mm) in a 5.50mm plastic sabo

To use your pellets, fit the projectile (dome up) into the plastic sabo. Close the petals with your fingers, and feed the sabo and pellet into the breech (taking care not to bend back any of the fingers).

NOTE: Not suitable for shooting through moderators. The product was designed for springers, but with care can be used with pre charged rifles.

Also note: Projectile speed is significantly increased, make sure the backstop and direction of fire are up to the task!

Collector or shooter pellets - send them over your chronograph to see the huge increase in pellet speed over a standard .22 lead pellet.

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Manufacturer Sussex Armoury
Pellet Type Round
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